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Little Hipster Music has the philosophy:
"Do whatever it takes to make a great song!"

Head producer David Snow is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a respected industry producer. Being a multi-instrumentalist, David Snow, or one of his associates, can play either some of the instruments on your songs, all of the instruments on your songs or none of the instruments in the event you or your band play instruments. In any event, you can rest assured that at Little Hipster Music, you'll have the instrumentation you need to have a wonderful Production of your song.

*** All Services and Instrumentation listed below are included in our affordable studio rates. Please contact us for details! ***

    First and foremost, we tailor a production to fit your individual song!
    We are true specialists at getting the most out of your vocals. Amazing pitch correction and genius combining of various vocal takes, (comping), results in vocals and vocal mixing that is second to none...just listen to our samples.
    Vocalists for Songwriters
    Should you be a writer and not sing yourself, we have an amazing staff of singers that can put the perfect vocal on your song.
    We can write music to your words or help complete your song should it need a touch more on the writing side of things..again. listen to the samples!
    Engineering and Mixing
    We also mix and Master outside songs. So if your song is recorded and needs mixing, you can call on us. In fact, in many instances we combine mixing and production. This means we take a basic song you have started, then add better, more polished production to it, and finally, mix it down at the end, taking what was once a rough sounding demo and turning it into a great sounding Professional recording!!
    Mastering your Final CD
    We cam Master your CD while mixing so that it has the perfect polish and punch to it. In addition, we are associated with 3 time Grammy winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen. Upon request, he can master your song after we mix it.
  • World Class Guitar (6 string acoustic, 12 string acoustic, Nylon or Electric)
  • Piano (real or synthesizer)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Drums, Drum programming and loops
  • All synthesizer programming...This amounts to a LIMITLESS assortment of sounds and sonic textures from House Music, to Trance, to Hip Hop to just about anything!!
  • Background vocals or lead vocals.
More about Songwriting:
  • As you can hear on the samples page, David Snow is an accomplished songwriter. Should you only have lyrics, or only have part of a song, or should your song need additional music written to complete it, David can assist you your writing to complete your song. Standard, reasonable writer's percentages apply. You can speak with David personally as to the specifics or your song.
  • To sum up, David Snow and the staff at Little Hipster Music have been doing music for what could be called "forever" in music terms....So please....rest assured, we have seen everything under the sun come our way and then some...Your music is in Great hands at Little Hipster Music!!! Give us a call or drop us an e mail...you'll be glad you did!

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