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I hope your entry into our website is the first step in a successful career in this wonderful thing called the Music Industry. And if you are a veteran who has recorded for years, then be assured that you have reached a wonderful production company that will take good care of your music.

About the Studio
At Little Hipster Music, we view the production of your music as a trust given to us and we will work to provide you with an amazing production for your song. The studio has a relaxed atmosphere, affordable rates, and stunning sound quality. If you can't get to the studio, David also does projects by email! David produces at all levels of the music industry and has produced many unsigned artists. In fact, as a direct result of David's demos and masters, artists have gotten major record deals with Arista, Sony, Warner, and EMI.

There are always interesting and exciting productions going on here at Little Hipster Music. From Country Superstar Faith Hill to Latin music legend Amanda Miguel, there are very few dull days around the studios.

Most recently, David just finished production on a single for Universal Records', Latin DJ "Serralde" that will go directly to radio in heavy rotation this summer. Add to that the recently scored Top 10 dance hit on MTV Logo with new rap sensation Foxxjazzell, and you have a typical few months here at Little Hipster Music. WILL YOUR SONG BE NEXT?

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